LeadCandy is a lead generation and sales intelligence solution for B2B Sales and Marketing teams.

  • Find prospects based on your ideal customer profile

  • Get full profile information with verified emails

  • Use your network to reach more prospects

  • Gain access to more accounts through your team’s network

  • Unlock the huge network hidden in email address-book contacts

  • Enrich and update your marketing data

  • 95% email accuracy guarantee

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Close more deals with targeted outreach and relationship intelligence

If you’re in marketing or sales, you know how important good data is for ideal customer profile creation, why email accuracy is critical to maintaining your deliverability, and the value of relationships in closing deals.

Today, we use multiple tools to build lead list, and then find contact details and emails of the target prospects. Finding mutual contacts is a manual exercise. Even then, you miss out on cross-platform relationships – like, Sam is connected with Jamie on LinkedIn, and Jamie is connected with Joe over Email. Introductions via mutual contacts can increase your conversions by 40%.

Most sales and marketing teams do not effectively leverage their team’s network in their outreach campaigns – not even during final stages of deal/sales negotiations, where every ounce of leverage matters. Even small teams typically have a combined network of ~25,000 direct connections (across various networks), and an extended network (2nd degree connections) of ~1,000,000 – assuming 1% of these fall under your ideal customer profile, that’s 10,000 connects to your target prospects! Besides, there aren’t good tools that help you tap the huge network hidden in your email contacts.

LeadCandy helps you build targeted prospect lists and combines it with the power of relationship intelligence for focussed outreach, delivering increased conversions.

Search for prospects based on your ideal customer profile

From our database of 300 Million+ professionals from 12 Million+ companies.

Apart from the common industry segments like ‘Computer Software’, ‘E-Commerce’ etc., there are segments like ‘Crypto’ (includes Blockchain, ICOs), ‘SaaS’, ‘HR Tech’, ‘Ed Tech’, etc.

Get full profile information with verified emails and mutual contacts

You can find mutual contacts across various social and professional networks - which you cannot find anywhere else.

All emails are verified. We only charge for emails with a confidence score of 90% or above, and offer 95% accuracy guarantee as well.

Gain access to more accounts through your team’s combined network

Increase your conversions by unlocking your team's network. Introductions via mutual contacts increase success rates by 40% as compared to cold calls/emails.

When you search for prospects on LeadCandy, we will tell you if you or any one from your team has direct or mutual contacts with your prospects - across various social and professional networks.

Unlock the huge network hidden in your email address-book contacts

Email address-book contacts are one of the largest and richest networks, and they are often ignored or not fully utilized by sales and marketing teams.

Data Enrichment and Bulk Uploads

Convert any data point into rich profile information.

Get rich information about your prospects to communicate effectively with them, and run highly targeted and personalized lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Easily upload your .csv file and export the list (.csv) with rich profile information.

Chrome Extension

Coming soon.

CRM Integrations

Coming soon.

95% email accuracy guarantee

We only charge you for emails with verification score of 90% or above. And we are proud to guarantee that no more than 5% of the verified email addresses that we charge you for, will bounce. You can read about their email accuracy guarantee here.

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