Smart Lead List helps you instantly find people who might already be interested in the kind of solutions you provide. They are engaging with your competitors in some or the other way. And they may be at various stages of their purchase decision-making.

  • People interested in complementary products

  • People interested in your competitors’ products

  • People who are unhappy with your competitors

  • People who read blogs related to your industry

Where can you find these people? On Twitter. Twitter is an interest-based network. Twitter users follow / interact with people and products they are interested in.

LeadCandy's Smart Lead List scans through the Twitter followers of your competing and complementary products, and finds their contact details (name, company, work email, location) - so that you can reach out to them to win new business. You can start a drip email outreach campaign, and personalize your emails by mentioning how you found them, for example: Hey Samantha, I noticed you follow "twitter account", so thought our service might be of interest for you..

This is how Smart Lead List looks like -

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